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Choosing the right bikini for your body type

We were all born with different body types, each of us beautiful in different ways!   Become even more BOHO Beautiful this summer by buying swimwear that flatters your body type.

We have some tips on how to pick the best bikini for the four most common body shapes – pear (think Rhianna), apple (think Jennifer Hudson), hourglass (think Kim Kardashin) and rectangle (think Cameron Diaz).



Perspective: Matching swimwear to your size is not that difficult.

Dressing for your body shape is all about creating a visual balance, toning down some areas whilst jazzing up others. However, there's one swimwear rule that applies to almost all shapes: always buy bikini separates, don't settle for ill-fitting bottoms just because the top looks great, or vice versa. When buying separates experiment with mix and match options, as mixing prints and solid colours help draw attention to the right areas.

Ruth Hurley swimwear: 
dusk set

Bikini tips for pear shapes

As a pear body shape you have a curvaceous bottom and a more petite upper body. As your hips tend to be wider than your shoulders styling this shape is all about drawing attention to your top half, whilst streamlining your bottom half. 


  • have fun with bikini tops by trying out frills or fringes
  • wear halterneck tops that accentuate your bust
  • wear patterned and brighter coloured tops
  • wear striped tops to add more volume to your bust
  • wear solid coloured bottoms in darker or more mute shades
  • try bottoms that provide a little more coverage to your stomach
  • wear adjustable tie side bottoms so that they don't cut into any wobbly bits
  • wear two-tone swimsuits that have a brighter or patterned top


Ruth Hurley swimwear: 
dawn orange
  • wear skimpy tops as although you don't need the support they'll only narrow your top half further
  • wear vintage style or boy short bottoms
  • wear frilled bottoms

Our style suggestion: Midnight floral tie top paired with taupe hipster bottoms 

Ruth Hurley swimwear:
midnight taupe

Why it works: The taupe bottoms play second fiddle to the printed halternack that accentuates the bust.


Bikini tips for apple shapes

You're bigger on the top half of your body than the bottom half. You tend to have fuller breasts, a slim waist and lean legs but can keep extra weight on your stomach. To create balance, an apple needs to take emphasis away from the bust, shoulders and stomach and draw the eye to the bottom half of the body. 

Ruth Hurley swimwear:
lemon floral


  • wear tops with thick straps as these will narrow your shoulders, whilst supporting your bust
  • wear supportive underwired tops
  • wear bright or pattern bottoms to draw attention to your mini waist and legs
  • wear bottoms with side ties, frills or sashes 
  • wear tummy control swimsuits with well fitting unpadded cups
  • wear swimsuits with colour blocking or patterned panels on the sides, as these will slim your middle section 


  • wear halternecks as they will make your shoulders appear wider
  • chose bandeaus as they won't offer enough support 
  • wear horizontal stripes on your top half
  • wear billowy swimsuits or tops, you may think they hide the stomach however they also add volume to the area

Our style suggestion: Abstract floral at dawn balconette paired with hot orange bottoms 

Why it works: The balconette shape is supportive with underwired molded cups and straps that thicken at the shoulder, whilst the hot orange bottoms with tie sides draw your attention downwards, showing off your great legs.


Bikini tips for hourglass shapes

You're the envy of the female world with a narrow waist and a well-proportioned top and bottom. As your figure is already balanced the main thing to remember is to wear supportive styles that will provide the coverage you need for your bust and bottom. 


  • wear v-neck or halterneck tops as these will give you the support you need whilst flaunting your curvy bust
  • wear sets so that the style is even on the top and bottom, or mix and match with non-competing colours
  • wear underwired and thicker strapped tops to give you appropriate support 
  • wear adjustable tie side bottoms so that they don't cut into any wobbly bits
  • choose bottoms you feel comfortable in, some hourglasses may want fuller coverage while others will want to bare more


  • wear string tops, they'll only cut into your neck by the end of the day
  • wear boy shorts as they won't flatter your lovely curves

Our style suggestion: Abstract floral at dusk matching set 

Why it works: The balconette top is supportive with underwired soft molded cups and thick straps, while the adjustable side bottoms sit beautifully on a curvy hip. The matching printed set in darker tones show off your assets without adding additional volume.

Bikini tips for rectangle shapes

As a rectangle your body runs straight up and down, meaning your little curves struggle for the limelight. As such you want to add volume to both your top and bottom, as well as choosing bright, girly pieces.


  • wear bright prints and colours
  • chose feminine prints such as florals
  • try out frills, bows and other embellishments on both your top and bottom
  • wear triangles and halternecks as they'll break up the straight contours of your body
  • try molded cups with light padding
  • try bottoms with ruching on the back 


  • wear plain bandeaus with no padding or embellishments
  • chose one piece swimsuits if you're a rectangle with a long torso
  • wear sporty styles, they won't help draw out your curves
  • wear boy short styles

Our style suggestion: Frilly triangle set in Lemon floral

Why it works: This beautiful summery print will give you a feminine look, whilst the frills on both the top and bottom will add extra volume creating the impression of a curvy torso.


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* Special thanks to Ruth Hurley, Bikini designer for this contents

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